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Restorative Exercise

Recovering Health through Understanding Human Physics and Correct Exercise

What Is Restorative Exercise?
Restorative Exercise is an educational exericse program designed to maximize muscle use and minimize inappropriate join force. The result is improved effectiveness ofall body systems, and a decreaes in the soft-tissue damage that we think of as aging, degnerative chages, and overuse injury.

Your body is a cell manufacturing plant! To optimize production performance, Restorative Exercise teaches you three things:
  • Where your alignment should be.
  • An objective way to see where you currently are.
  • The exercises to get your alignment to where it should be for optimal flow of blood and neurology.
Dr. D'Ann Lawson intergrates Restorative Exercise in both her chiropractic practice and her exercise classes. You can make an appointment by calling the office for a private session or the group classes. (805) 963-3439