I have been competing in Powerlifting since my Mars Hill, N.C. college days in 1974. The meets that I have been in over the years have taken me through numerous training techniques, and various small and big injuries. The common theme has been a love of training hard. Testing the ability to still compete as my body gets older is a big challenge. Over the past 2 years, via changes in training and bodywork, I have been able to win consecutive World Championships and best master lifter. Despite having moderate arthritis in too many joints to mention.

Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDYT7AqG8yA.

In this sport, preventing and working around injuries (as in most sports) is crucial. There are numerous approaches to training, each technique claiming that their's is the best. While my approach would be considered by many to be "old school"--I incorporate new movements that have research and a practical application behind the purpose. It is in this area that the classes and rehabilitation at Fisher Strength and Health would be considered unique and effective. I could ramble on about all of the fun that I've had with powerlifting over the years. However, my point is that the training experience and professional education gives me the opportunity to help you get your body into the shape that you desire. Please give my classes a try and see for yourself.